Mesh Welding Line, Type SECURIWEL



STATE-OF-THE-ART, fully AUTOMATED, wire mesh welding machine.

It is specially designed for ultra- high capacity production of standard 358/3510 security mesh panels. Line and cross wires are feeded directly from coils, via pay-offs.

Main features

  • DIRECT (spot) WELDING system!
  • Cross wire shooting system guarantees flatness of each panel!
Mesh Welding Line - Type SECURIWEL

Basic Operation Description

Wire coils are mounted on dedicated pay-offs for Line wire feeding.Motorized rollers are pulling the line wires, helping them uncoil smoothly! Horizontal straighteners are helping keep the wire nicely separated and easy to control though the dedicated buffer and tension/missing wire control. Wires are advanced by the second set of Servo – Motorized rollers through the vertical straighteners into the welding machine!



The cross wire is off-coiling from the motorized pay-off station. Wire is pulled by the buffer feeding rollers, and goes through the pre-straighteners, buffer, servo-feeding rollers and straighteners The needed length of wire is advanced into the welding station, cut at exact length and positioned for welding, by special devices.Dedicated cutter is severing the ready mesh at the programmed size. Flush cutting is available, upon request. Any type, from simple to fully automatic stacking and conveyors are available.


Mesh Welding Line - Type SECURIWEL
Mesh Welding Line - Type SECURIWEL


  1. RECORD-BREAKING speeds, even over 2.500mm width, of ~140 strokes/min.
  2. WORLD’S EXCLUSIVE 5th generation, cross wire shooting/feeding system.
  3. Unmatched FLATNESS of the produced panels/sheets, due to the absolute control over every parameter of the straightening/welding process!
  4. No need for stretching device!
  5. Superb GEOMETRICAL ALINEMENT eliminates the unnecessary length of the overheads. Trimmed parts are up to 8 times smaller than the competition, 800% less scrap/day!

Featured Performance Options:

  • Width from 2500 up to 3700mm
  • Length up to 6000mm
  • Wire diameter from 3mm – 5mm
  • Cross wire step  – 12.5mm, or, ½ inch, infinitely adjustable
  • Line wire pitch/distance 75mm, or, 3 inches, typically
  • Flush cutter-optionally
  • With, in line, 4th generation V – shaping press 


Mesh Welding Line - Type SECURIWEL
Mesh Welding Line - Type SECURIWEL


In case of making V-pressing, dedicated advancing carriage will position the mesh through the process. V-press can be added as separate production facility – completely automatic

All types of additional clipping, bending and pressing add-ons are available

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