Specialized machinery

Tillos Group design and manufactures different welding machines  special tasks.

The most important is the 3D-polystyrene/polyurethane panel Production Line is consisting of two main units:

– Mesh Welding Line

– Welding and Assembly Line for the 3-Dimensional Elements



Truss wire feeding                                                                  by 12 reels

Truss wire diameter                                                               2.5 – 4.6 mm

Width                                                                                      1200 mm

Length                                                                                    2500 mm to endless

Number of truss wire per element                                         (3000 X 1200) 180

Distance between the two meshes                                         75-150 mm

Distance between meshes and insulating plates (min.)       15 mm (on either side)

Number of truss wire feeding units                                        2

Number of welding stations                                                   2

Number of transformers                                                        4

specilized machinery

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