We are fully dedicated to manufacturing the industry’s best machinery for the money.

In order to maintain equipment up-to-date and always highly productive, we offer range of services:

– Upgrade mechanical/electronic/electrical part to increase efficiency.

– Add-ons, new features, parts and components, etc.

– Technological updating of existing equipment.




We offer upgrades that will make difference!

All our machines are designed to be easy to upgrade!

At any time, you can decide to take an upgrade path


Cross wire feeder from pre-cuts to coils – complete upgrade of the necessary parts.

– Add another cross wire feeding/shooting unit – diminish downtime

– Upgrade your sheet production line by adding mesh coiler/rolling device!

Upgrade your roll mesh line to the possibility to make panels/sheet!



Increase your product range!

Maximizing your production possibilities is the next step in growing your business!

We are the best at adding-on and extending your manufacturing potentials.


– V-shaping press – for fences-security fences or, euro-panels – operation in line with  production

– Slitting device will double the production – one or more to divide the mesh

– Custom bending/shaping devices



Beside the software that can be designed and made especially for your machinery, we are offering the one of the most sophisticated programs for the rebar managing!

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