This is fully automatic welding machine, designed for the production of flat mesh sheets, V-shaped, euro-panels, or, heavy-duty security fence panels, with double cross wire.

Machine operates with straightened, prepared and cut to length wires.

It is ideal when frequent diameter changes of the cross and line wires, as well as, small batches of different products are needed!

Mesh Welding Line, type PREWEL Mark II

The line wires are fed from, automatic, wire feeder (from bundle).

The upper cross wires are fed from one automatic wire feeder from bundle – directly into the welding zone. Magnets ensure the position of the cross wires.

Lower cross wire feeder, will be positioned beside the machine and second cross wire will be fed from there, for double cross wire panel production.

Welding unit is pneumatically/hydraulically operated.   Electrodes and line wires guides can be adjusted to the exact line wire pitch, manually. Direct Welding System and Water-cooled welding transformers are standard.

Panels are proceeded by advancing carriage, to a programmable, V shaping press (for the fence panel V- shaping). From there, ready panels are forwarded to the mesh sheet receiving station and removed by conveyor!

The complete operation is automatic and easily programmable!

Main features

  • Welding UNIT OPERATES pneumatically / hydraulically.
  • PREASURRE of each welding spot separately programmable
  • DIRECT (spot) WELDING system for complete control.
  • 2 CROSS Wires Feeding System
Mesh Welding Line, type PREWEL Mark II
High Capacity, 2D, 3D, 4D fence panels

EXCLUSIVE features:

  1. DOUBLE CROSS wire allows for ALL EXISTING types of Fence Panels.
  2. Supreme Flexibility in the production regime
  3. Respectable speed of max. 120 strokes/min.
  4. Change of all electrode positions, together with line wire guides take less than 2 hours!
  5. Excellent flatness of the produced panels/sheets, due to the absolute control over every parameter of the welding process!
High Capacity, 2D, 3D, 4D fence panels

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